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Executive Director, Lead IAAM Teacher

Travis Spencer MA. is the Executive Director and lead IAAM Teacher. His goal is to help facilitate healing in the African American Community by promoting the importance of mental health, mindful living, and holistic wellness.


IAAM Facilitator

Corey Castle

Corey Castle, a social worker (MSW) and mindfulness facilitator, supports mindfulness in the African American community and Communities of Color through meditation, mindful movement, and the healing power of music.


IAAM Facilitator

Iris Rivera

Iris Rivera is active and practiced in healing arts and meditation for ten years. She is a 10-year practitioner of the indigenous Peruvian Q’ero peoples traditional healing methods, and studies Essentrics, a classical stretch exercise for better posture and pain relief at any stage. Iris believes in ongoing learning and currently is finalizing The Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Certificate Program with Tara Brach and Jack Kornfield.