Rashid Hughes is a mindfulness facilitator committed to providing people in under-resourced communities, particularly African American communities, access to mindfulness and other healing practices. He is a graduate of the Howard University Department of Music and the Howard University School of Divinity.

Mindfulness provides Rashid a way of being fully engaged with his daily experiences, inner fears, and uncomfortable emotions, compassionately and without self-criticism. As a certified Mindfulness Facilitator of the Engaged Mindfulness Institute (300-hrs) and a certified Trauma Technique Tapper of the Peaceful Heart Network, Rashid uses a comprehensive set of mindfulness-based modalities to help students find greater peace, including meditation, trauma tapping techniques, and mindful movement.

Rashid is devoted to helping people relate to themselves and their environment through the lenses of compassion and care, and believes that the youth of this generation carry the torch of understanding and conviction that is needed to illuminate the way to individual and social healing in the world today.