All people are innately whole, possessing the capacity to Be Present, Fulfilled, and Live Free.
— IAAM Foundational philosophy


The Institute of African American Mindfulness supports the natural capacity of African Americans and People of Color in Washington DC to live mindfully, with loving-awareness, and positive perspective of self, family, and community.


That mindfulness empowers all humankind.



IAAM incorporates mindfulness, self-care, and life skills tools to cultivate a positive outlook on the individual, family, and community.  Additionally, IAAM supports and creates community events that deepen and support the intrinsic need for healthy community.

IAAM provides training & programming

Organizational/Professional development

IAAM provides professional development and team building mindfulness workshops to promote professional self-care and minimize work-related stress.

Personal/Community development

IAAM provides trauma-informed Mindfulness Practices to support families, individuals, and groups. 

Retreat Opportunities

IAAM collaborates with Mindfulness and Wellness Organizations to provide Day-Long, Weekend, and Week-Long Retreats.

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is being aware of whatever arises in the present moment, free from judgment.

Benefits of Mindfulness

An ongoing mindfulness practice:

  • Improve self-awareness, focus, memory, social interactions, healthy decision-making, and happiness.

  • Relieve stress, anger, depression, anxiety, sleeplessness.

  • Provide healthy coping abilities.