Iris Rivera

Iris Rivera is active and practiced in healing arts and meditation for ten years. She is a 10-year practitioner of the indigenous Peruvian Q’ero peoples traditional healing methods, and studies Essentrics, a classical stretch exercise for better posture and pain relief at any stage. Iris believes in ongoing learning and currently is finalizing The Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Certificate Program with Tara Brach and Jack Kornfield.

Iris believes in the power of healing with indigenous and contemplative methods which empower her desire to deepen her Shamanic Healing, meditation practices, and understanding the process of healing. Iris’ career and interest in healing modalities began in the healthcare field over two decades ago in New York at an inner city junior high school that offered free medical services to teens in poor communities. Her time abroad in Uganda, Kenya, and Bulgaria further deepened her understanding of diverse community and the importance of a safe space for all humankind. Iris’ goal is to support the creation of safe space, empower healing and facilitate positive changes for inner peace for individuals, family, and community.