Cultivating Mindfulness Life Skills

When we embody mindfulness, Mindfulness:

  • Improve self-awareness, focus, memory, social interactions, healthy decision-making, and happiness
  • Relieve stress, anger, depression, anxiety, sleeplessness
  • Provide healthy coping abilities

IAAM Life: Mindfulness & Wellness SeriesWellness Series

IAAM Life is an eight-session Mindfulness & Wellness Series Pilot that introduces the Washington DC  community to the benefits of trauma-informed mindfulness practices and the Restorative/ Peace Circle.

IAAM Life promotes introspection, self-acceptance, and critical thinking, and  introduces and supports the infusion of meditation practices into an active lifestyle.

IAAM Life combines individual and community support with mindfulness practice, communication and Emotional Intelligence training for children, caregivers, families, and community members.